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Protect your revenue. Reduce commercial risks. Ensure timely payments on your financed Windows 10/11 laptops.

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Windows device financing for the Win

Curb the challenges in financing Windows 10 and Windows 11 devices. Leverage the popularity of Windows devices in enterprise and educational environments without risking your capital investment. Facilitate Windows device financing powered by NuovoPay- the only device financing risk management platform you need.

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How it works

Protect your financed laptops with these simple steps:

  • Step 1
    Onboard all financed Windows 10/11 laptops on NuovoPay's DFRM platform

  • Step 3
    Block access to workstations in case of missed or failed payments

  • Step 2
    Set automated reminders to encourage on-time EMI payments

  • Step 4
    Add quick payment links to empower customers to fulfill late payments

Why Nuovopay?

Reduce payment default

Set recurring payment reminders for customers to track and pay their installments on time. Lock Windows 10/11 laptops in phases if customers miss EMI payments.

Manage disconnected devices

Get immediate alerts when Windows 10/11 laptops go offline. Take proactive steps to prevent any fraud or suspicious activities.

Tamper-proof solution


NuovoPay prevents customers from making modifications to your financed Windows 10/11 laptops. Customers gain total control after the completion of the payment term.

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